Q. What kind of improv does Automatic Improv do?
A. It depends on the show you come to. Usually, you’ll find a mix of short-form games and open scenes. Other times, you’ll see an Armando style show, with a monologist and a series of improvised scenes based on his or her stories. Still other times you might find something completely and utterly different. We’re always workshopping new games, new forms and new ideas, so you’ll have to come back often to see all the different things Automatic Improv can do!

Q. How can I be as cool as you guys?
A. Easy. Take a class! All of our members have taken classes at some point in their improv careers, whether through our own class program or at one of the many other theatres and programs across the country. An improv class can help you break out of your shell, gain valuable public speaking and communication skills, and yes, make you as cool as us guys.

Q. What’s a Fabrefaction?
A. Fabrefaction Theatre is a performance venue in West Midtown where you can see an Automatic Improv show every Friday at 10:30 p.m. for just $12!

Q. Why should I go there?
A. Did we mention that Automatic Improv performs there every Friday night? That’s a great reason!

Q. How old do I need to be?
A. Our shows may (and usually do) feature adult content and themes. They’re suitable for adults and mature teens, so leave the kiddos at home.

Q. I’m hungry and thirsty.
A. Well, that’s not a question, but we catch your drift. Yes, the Fabrefaction Theatre bar serves beer, wine, soda and snacks. Additionally, Miller Union is right next door, and there are many other delicious restaurants in the area, so why not make it dinner-and-a-show?

Q. Okay, I’m sold. How do I get there?
A. Find a map and directions here!

Q. Where do I park?
A. Complimentary valet or street parking throughout the area.

Q. I can’t make it to Fabrefaction Theatre because I work Friday nights/it’s past my bedtime/I’m banned from West Midtown.
Again, not a question. But we’ll answer it anyway! We often perform on other stages throughout the Atlanta area. Theatres where we’ve done shows in the past include Whole World Theatre, 10 High, 7 Stages, Act 3 Productions and more. Check back frequently to find out where else you can see us perform this month!