6 Reasons Ben Affleck Should and Shouldn’t Be Batman

Holy nerd rage, Batman! The recent announcement that Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel has the Internet in an uproar. Not sure where you stand on the Batfleck debate? You’re in luck! Automatic Improv have assembled a list of 6 reasons why Ben Affleck should and shouldn’t play Batman.

Ben Affleck's head on Batman's body

(Photo credit: thesun.co.uk)

6 Reasons Ben Affleck Shouldn’t Be Batman:

1. He’s Not the Action Hero We Deserve – Let’s face it, while Affleck may be a talented director and dramatic actor, he’s not an action hero. Ben Affleck may make a charming Bruce Wayne, but he doesn’t have the gravitas to do the Dark Knight justice.

2. Daredevil – Daredevil is basically a poor man’s Batman. He even has tiny horns. And look what happened there! Let’s not ruin another hero.

3. Batman is More than a Chin – It’s going to take more than a pretty face to satisfy diehard fans. Batman is a badass. He’s the badass. He’s a gritty, brilliant, self-made hero with mighty large boots to fill.

4. The Voice – Sure, Christian Bale’s Batman bark was a bit over the top, but it beats a Boston accent any day. “Swear to me, ya queeah!”

5. Batman Looks Like This

Batman overlooking Gotham City as drawn by Jim Lee

Not Like This

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as Batman and Robin GIF

6. Star Power – Star power does not a Batman make. Casting Affleck feels like a studio ploy to get asses in seats. Guess what. You don’t need a ploy. It’s BATMAN versus SUPERMAN! What could be bigger? The last time we had a distinguished, big-name star play Batman, we got Bat nipples. Just saying. 

-Kevin Barry

6 Reasons Ben Affleck Should Be Batman: A Second Opinion

1. This Looks Like Batman To Me – Or at least Bruce Wayne. Is there really a difference? Both wear a lot of black and are chiseled of jaw.


2. A Batman With a Beard  Now THAT’s the Batman I deserve.

Ben Affleck Beard

3. Don’t Be A Hater – Are you honestly going to judge the guy entirely by the movies he made in 2003 (Daredevil and Gigli, which seem to be the only films name-checked in your standard anti-Affleck argument)? Seriously, what were you doing in 2003? Unless it was “making only the best choices that left you with no regrets 10 years later,” then cool it with that argument.

4. Not Just A Pretty Face – Don’t get me wrong; it’s definitely a pretty face. But casting 41-year-old Affleck as Batman goes against a recent trend of casting empty-headed pretty boys as superheroes and the like. Batman needs a gravitas that I think a broody Affleck can deliver.

5. It’s Not All About The Action – Look, can we just agree that action without substance is boring? Affleck may not have a track record as an action hero, as much as Tom Clancy would have hoped, but the action’s all in the fight choreography and FX anyway. Let the experts in production take care of the action and let Affleck take care of the acting, which we totally know he can do.

6. Just Look At Him – I might actually see this movie.

Ben Affleck GQ

-Amy Farley


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