Web Wednesday

In some languages, the word “Wednesday” is roughly translatable to “are you freaking kidding me how is this week only halfway over.” Here in Automatic Improv-land, it can be taken to mean “day to catch up on what’s going on on the internet.” So let’s do it!

Someone posted a really lovely short story in an unlikely place– Craigslist. Is it about love, or as some have speculated, a metaphor for The New York Times? Read it and decide.

Mythbusters took on Breaking Bad, and you can watch it online! Not being totally caught up on Breaking Bad, I haven’t watched this, but I assume they bust such myths as “a person can watch this show without sinking into a dark, deep pit of despair.”

The trailer for the latest Spike Jonze (Where The Wild Things Are, my favorite commercial from back in 2000) film Her looks exactly like you might expect a Spike Jonze movie about a man who falls in love with a computer operating system to look. Bonus points: The Arcade Fire are doing the music for the film!

Stephen Colbert and a zillion other people danced to “Get Lucky” when Daft Punk had better things to do than show up to The Colbert Report. And there was much rejoicing, because it was wonderful.

Some of your favorite actors (Adam Scott, Kathryn Hahn, Bob Odenkirk… those are your favorite actors, yes?) who weren’t cast in The Office at one point hoped to be cast in The Office. And some of them seem like they would have done a great job!

Mumford & Sons made a music video making fun of Mumford & Sons, starring Sudeikis, Forte, Bateman and Helms. This is what all music videos should be like.

Automatic Improv TI & Tiny VH1

Automatic Improv made their VH1 debut, leading an improv class with Shekinah and King from T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle! Watch the full episode on the VH1 website, plus these bonus clips of Automatic cast members making the best faces.

Now you’re all caught up! Just kidding. The internet is limitless and mercurial. Tomorrow morning we could very likely wake up to the greatest thing we’ve ever seen!

Golden Girls

I’m looking forward to it.

-Amy Farley


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