HATS! The Cure for Boredom

Fear not, world. There is a cure for boredom, and I’ve distilled that secret into a convenient two-word phrase: Hat Party! Yep, it’s as simple as it sounds. Put on hat, become someone completely different! Would you rather cook dinner as yourself or as a sexy cowboy? Do you want to program your DVR as you or as a classy hitman? No brainer! Hats are a gateway to imagination. (That’s where fun lives.)

Kevin Hat

As improvisers we have to wear many hats during a show. We call them characters. Yes, we do sometimes wear real hats, and they’re super fun, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. Stay with me. We’re heading into metaphor territory!

Improv, like life, is more fun when you’re wearing a hat. In every scene we can choose to play neutral (as our normal, hat-less selves), or we can put on a hat, a character, and see where that takes us. We already know how we’d act on spring break, but we don’t know how a timid bullfighter, a has-been beauty queen, or a Nobel Prize-winning Australian vampire hunter would act. That’s what makes it exciting for you, the audience, and for us.

Four Hats

So whether you’re performing on stage or just chilling at home on a Tuesday night, throw yourself a hat party! You never know who might show up.



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