Web Wednesday

Wednesdays can be rough, can’t they? If it helps, here’s some stuff I’ve liked on the internet this past week, guaranteed to make your day go by faster*.

If there were a #25, it would be that you’re reading an improv group’s blog. It’s okay; join us in improv nerddom. It’s funnier here.

  • Star Wars Cantina Karaoke

The Nerdist crew, which just wrapped up the epic annual Course of the Force race leading up to Comic-Con, took the time to make a music video in a replica of the Mos Eisley Cantina with Billy Dee Williams, Patton Oswalt, Jason Schwartzman, et al. I love it a lot…and not just because of Chris Hardwick cosplaying Han Solo (but let’s be real, that’s a big selling point for me). See also: the fun behind-the-scenes video.

Sharknado Automatic Improv

The eyes of the nation were on SyFy Thursday night, and the fingers of the nation were on their keyboards. While our hearts go out to those displaced by last week’s tragic sharknado, I can’t help but be grateful for the natural disaster, because it brought us these tweets.

Bill Cosby Sweater Automatic Improv

Voting may be over, but you can still admire the sweaters worn by the inimitable Bill Cosby during The Cosby Show’s run and see how the denizens of the internet cast their votes. Spoiler alert: that stylish track-and-field sweater pictured above was the big winner.

  • What To Do If You Spot a Bear

A Providence, Rhode Island, local news reporter gives you the rundown on what to do in this incredibly common situation. Hint: overacting is key, apparently.

Pixar Automatic Improv

How do all Pixar movies take place within the same elaborate timeline? One dude figured it out… maybe. It’s a long read, but who are you kidding, you’ve got time.

  • Happy Birthday, Bob

Automatic Improv’s Andy Coen discovered that there are few things more challenging in this life than figuring out what to write on your boss’s birthday card.

Feel Andy’s pain? Come to our show Friday night at Fabrefaction Theatre at 10:30 and tell him so yourself!

*It’s not, like, a money-back guarantee or anything. I mean, this blog is free. I’m not going to give you anything if your day still creeps by. Maybe try Candy Crush.

Amy Farley


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