Hump Day Hot Links

Spanning the very best of the internet, here are some links to get you over the hump.

– The official summer jam of boobs + THE COZ

– Newsroom Season 2 starts this Sunday on HBO. Practice your eye-rolling now!

– Are you an asshole? The answer may surprise you.

Everyone is an Asshole

– Andy from Parks and Recreation is ripped now, because Chris Pratt gave up beer. Not worth it.


Chris Pratt gives up beer, gets buff

– Jerry Seinfeld shows off his cars and his friends in this awesome web series that answers the question, “What is the deal with Don Rickles?”

Don Rickles “You’ll Never Play the Copa”

– Want to think of a name for your improv team, but you’re horrible at stringing together non-sequiturs? No problem! Use our handy dandy “Super Automatic Improv Improv Team Name Generator,” and your’re all set! Need an improv team first? Meet funny people at our upcoming Intro to Improv class!

improv team name generator

– Here’s a clip from the new Comedy Central series, Drunk History. Some members of Automatic Improv may or may not be on the upcoming “Atlanta” episode. Probably not though. We all had to drive the night they filmed it.

Time, consider yourself killed. It’s up to you figure out how to kill the rest of it until Friday.

Speaking of FRIDAY:

Come on out to Fabrefaction Theatre to see Automatic Improv perform LIVE at 10:30!

And, if that’s just not enough…

Saturday night at Fabrefaction, our Intro to Improv students present their graduation show at 8, followed by a special edition of Automatic Improv at 9. Check it out!

– John Mangan


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