Q&A – Whittney Millsap

Whittney Millsap is many things to many people, but to Automatic Improv, she’s our little Meowscraps! Learn all about Whittney– including where she got her adorably appropriate nickname– in today’s Q&A!

Whittney Millsap Automatic Improv

Name: Whittney Millsap

Gender: A wild child Ladyloo

Age: 26 on paper. 86 at heart. And 13, when in action.

Species: Meowscraps

Hometown: The booming metropolis of Dalton, Georgia.

What’s your nickname? I have several, but the most prominent is some variation of “Millscraps”, including Scraps, Scrappers, Scrappydoo, and Meowscraps.

It’s a long story and it goes like this…

Two years ago I ran into a friend and fellow improviser, Tara Ochs, backstage after an improv show at Dad’s Garage. My last name is Millsap and for whatever reason she said, “What are you up to, MillSCRAPS?”. It immediately made me think of a ragged kitten popping its head out of a dumpster with a banana peel on its smudged face, so I responded with “Meow.” From that moment forward my life, language, and branding would never be the same.

As time has passed the name has morphed into different variations. Most commonly used is Scraps. So if I ever meow at you…or answer the phone with “Meow”…you are now officially updated. I love most that my Meowing has become its own Aloha, but EVEN BETTER because it can be used in any creative fashion. See what I’m meowin’? Meowkay.

Meowscraps Automatic Improv

Favorite improv game? I actually have two favorites. Serious Scene and Improvised Musical.

Serious scene is so rewarding because, when played correctly, you’re making choices that are true to the world of the scene and simultaneously the comedy rises to the top. It goes to show that not only do we humans need to laugh in order to get through life, but also how there is so much fun in the mundane.

Improvised Musical is amazing because you get to create a really big world and I love making up songs. Double bonus? We’re lucky enough to have Robert Bolyard on the keys and he’s INCREDIBLY TALENTED! He adds so much flavor to the scene.

What’s your pre-show routine? Blasting a favy JamJam on the way to the theatre (changes all the time) and then having a beer or energy drink when I get there. I also like to hug everyone and catch up when I arrive. I want to feel connected right away. So watch out if we do a show, ‘cause I’m comin’ for ya’.

What makes you laugh? Pretty much everything. Well, let me add a qualifier…I’m fortunate to be surrounded by really hilarious people, most of the time. So therefore, I’m typically laughing non-stop. I try to only include myself/time into things that are uplifting or enjoyable. That way a blasty is baked right in.

I typically enjoy the same comedic actors and watch the same silly YouTube videos as everyone else in comedy does. However, I have to say I find even more humor in my personal relationships that I’m surrounded by. I am always amazed at how different everyone’s style is and I’m blown away by how many lovely talented people I know. In fact, I’ve probably already said “Isn’t it so awesome how many funny, fun, talented people we know?!” to you. I love direct humor, (good energy) sarcasm, and quirky/honest humor.

What makes you cry? Oh goodness…this is totally going to blow my toughy cover.

Well, any time an animal is injured I lose it! Even if it’s a movie or show, I’ll close my eyes. #cantdeal.

When I get really overwhelmed with my schedule, I cry like a big ol’ girl and usually call my Mama. #lovethatwoman

And also, I cry EVERYTIME I watch Beaches. I even give myself a pep talk before hand. “Whittney, this is a tear jerker. They want to tug on your heart strings. No way, man. Not this time.” And then I’m just dripping tears by the end. #bastards

Okay, so you got me. I’m a big ol’ softie. And I’ll #hashtag anywhere. Boom!

Whittney Millsap Automatic Improv

What’s your theme song? Oh man! This is HARD! I get on a real fist-pump rager every time I hear “Lust for Life” by Girls.

What’s your motto? I want it all. And I want it right now. (Note: This is also my tragic flaw.)

Who’s your favorite member of Automatic Improv? You can’t ask me that! I sincerely think everyone is such an incredible strength and brings so many unique qualities to the table. It takes a village. 

Describe yourself in 3 words: Fun. Independent. Dreamer.

Favorite fictional character?The entire cast of characters from Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I want to hang out with them all. I wish I had a red cap and a Speedo.

Whittney Millsap Automatic Improv

Where are you on the D&D alignment chart? Huh?!

What’s your superpower? I LOVE celebrating people. I want to tell everyone exactly how much wonderful they bring to the world.

What’s your favorite day of the week? Saturday. Even though I work my day job on Saturday, it still seems like the day in the week everyone is most alive and in the world.

Are you a cat person or a dog person? I’m an every animal kind of person. I once looked up how much giraffe’s cost. The answer is $40,000. I didn’t buy it.

I have a small menagerie. Two rescue dogs (Ada and Heyward) and three cats (Wyatt, Miss Kitten, and Maggie).

What sitcom character do you relate to? Andy, from Weeds.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be something different every week, which is still pretty much the same. But the career that usually surprises people is that I wanted to be a fighter pilot from 2nd-6th grade. I abandoned the idea when I realized math was going to be a bit necessary.

What’s your dream job now? To make creative things with my friends (sketch, theatre, movies, TV, etc.) and make enough money to support ourselves.

Drug of choice? Caffeine and love. I’m addicted to both. I want to be up all the time and deliriously happy while I’m doing it.


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