How Automatic Improv Is Like America

This Thursday is the Fourth of July, aka July 4th, aka Independence Day, aka the 237th anniversary of America being America*! We know you’ll be celebrating your country’s special day by scarfing down hot dogs and blowing things up, but we thought we’d take a minute to reflect on another storied and revered institution, beloved and honored by all: Automatic Improv.

After all, Automatic Improv is a lot like America, in a way. In several ways, in fact.

Ways Automatic Improv is like America:

  • We’re pretty sure we’re better than everybody else, and we’re right.
  • We strive to be difficult to get into. Legislation has occasionally been proposed to build a wall around the Automatic Improv cast, in fact.
  • We love to make fun of our neighbors to the north, the Canadians.

Jan the Canadian Automatic Improv

  • We have a lovehate relationship with celebrity culture.
  • Several of us love Doctor Who, but we only got into it with the reboot.

Doctor Who Automatic Improv

  • Sometimes we have little wars with each other, but we’re polite people, so it’s always very civil.

Kevin Barry Amy Farley Automatic Improv

  • We don’t like it when people use guns incorrectly.

Improv Finger Guns

  • We love traditions, like having shows every single Friday night at 10:30 at Fabrefaction Theatre.

Ronnie Johnson-Lopez Automatic Improv

  • …but we break them from time to time, like how we aren’t having our regular show on Friday, July 12th, due to a previously scheduled event at the theatre (we’re sorry!). (ED. NOTE: Our show is back ON for Friday the 12th! See you at 10:30 p.m. at Fabrefaction!)

Ronnie Johnson-Lopez Automatic Improv

  • We can be a little delusional, but you can’t help but love us anyway!

Automatic Improv Cast

Happy Independence Day, world!

*Not necessarily historically accurate.


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