5 Reasons You Should Follow Us on Instagram

Didn’t anyone tell you? Facebook is so over.

Statistics show that during the last 5 seconds, 1,000,000 youths abandoned their Facebook accounts to move on to hipper pastures like Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

Okay, fine. The social networks they’ve switched to are so hip that we’ve never even heard of them. We’re fairly certain that the latest craze in social media has a name that, when pronounced, can’t be heard by adult ears. But the fact still remains that we’re living in a post-Facebook world. While Zuck’s paradise is still inhabitable for men and women of a certain age (i.e. us, you), other networks are needed to sustain a well-rounded digital social life.

That’s why we think you should follow us on Instagram.

It’s all about diversifying your social intake, and if you’re just a fan of Automatic Improv on Facebook, you’re not getting the whole story. Following @automaticimprov on Instagram is a crucial piece of the puzzle, and here’s why:

Kevin Bill Automatic Improv

1. Pretty faces. Just look at those mugs.

Automatic Improv Sketch Shoot

2. Behind the scenes of our sketch comedy shoots. Get a first look at the videos that are sure to take YouTube by storm a few weeks later.

Automatic Improv Show

3. Show pictures. Look, we know you can’t always be at our shows. You should try, but we understand that you have a life, a job and a family that may prevent you from seeing more than 85 or 90% of them. With our Instagram and a pair of 3D glasses, it will be just like you’re really there*.

Automatic Improv Rehearsal

4. Glimpses at our rehearsal process. They’re a lot like our shows, only we sometimes dress schlubbier. You won’t want to miss that.

Andy Coen Automatic Impro

5. Andy Diamonds’ thighs. The truth is, some of our pictures are NSFF (Not Safe For Facebook). Keep an eye on our Instagram so you don’t miss a single inch of exposed skin.

So if you’re on Instagram, follow us, and if you snap any pics at our next show, post it with the hashtag #automaticimprov!

Speaking of which, now we just have to get the hang of hashtagging on Instagram. #we’llgetiteventaully #automaticimprov #atlanta #swag #catsofinstagram #improv #instajammin #instagrandma #au-to-matic!

*3D glasses for aesthetic purposes only.


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