Q&A – Amy Farley

Not only is Amy Farley an amazing sketch writer and blogger, she’s also one of the newest members of Automatic Improv! No need to Facebook stalk her. Everything you should know about Amy Farley is right here in this juicy question and answer. You’re welcome!

Amy Farley with broken sunglasses

Name: Amy Farley

Gender: Female!

Age: 27, although if you put me on the spot I’ll probably forget.

Species: Half teen wolf, half teen witch.

Hometown: I reject this question. Does it mean where I was born? Where I grew up? Where I live now? Let’s just say Atlanta-ish.

What’s your nickname? There’s not much occasion to shorten “Amy,” but under duress I will answer to “Ames,” “Farley” or even “Farley Face” in certain company.

Favorite improv game? Games where I get to sing or rhyme are the best. I’m also a big fan of games where you’re encouraged to use puns.

What’s your pre-show routine?
It’s all about what music I’m loudly singing along with in my car on the way to the theater. For instance, last Friday it was YOLO by the Lonely Island on repeat, followed by In My Life/A Heart Full of Love from Les Mis.

What makes you laugh? The term “frenching” used for kissing is never not funny.

What makes you cry? All Jason Katims shows. Other people crying. TV couples breaking up.

What’s your team? I said it’s great (woof woof) to be (woof woof) a Georgia Bulldog! G-E-O-R-G-I-A! GOOOOO DAWGS! SIC’ EM! WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF! I’m sorry, what was the question?

Amy Farley UGA Snuggie

Who are your influences? Mindy Kaling. Amy Poehler. Jimmy Fallon. SNL in general.

Favorite fictional character? At least right now: Peggy Olson, Mad Men. It changes all the time, though.

What’s your biggest pet peeve? People rubbing their hands together really fast. You know, like when people get really excited, and they have to show it by making horrible-sounding friction with their hands? Oh great, now that I’ve told you that, you’re going to do it every time you’re around me, aren’t you?

Are you a cat person or a dog person? I’m pro-dog and anti-cat. Oh, no, not YOUR cat. I’m sure YOUR cat is lovely. Oh, your cat acts just like a dog, you say? My point exactly.

If you could play any sitcom character, who would it be? Leslie Knope, of course!

First concert? It was Amy Grant with my parents when I was in 4th grade, because I’m THAT punk rock.

What did you want to be when you grew up? A professional figure skater (no, I don’t ice skate, why do you ask?). A singer/songwriter. An actress. A journalist. Basically the creative version of the Village People.

What’s your dream job now? My laser-specific goal is to be a writer on a half-hour television comedy, but to be broader about it, I’d like to get paid to create comedy in some capacity.

Drug of choice?

Most visited website? The Gmail/Facebook/Twitter triumvirate is always open in three tabs on my computer. Always. After those, it’s probably some kind of pop culture website like The AV Club.

Proudest moment? Something involving successfully assembled IKEA furniture and no Band-Aids.

What do you do when you’re not improvising? Play kickball, whittle down my Restaurants To Try in Atlanta list, obsessively marathon TV shows and occasionally even make time to write!

Amy Poehler and Amy Farley eat waffles the same way.

Hungry for more? Check out Amy Farley‘s full cast bio!


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