Why You Should Join Vine

Yahoo, the curator of your email inbox that you haven’t checked in 6 years, has purchased everybody’s favorite up and coming social network, Tumblr. By promising, via press release, “…not to screw it up,” Yahoo has kind of already done just that. McKayla is not impressed, and neither are the myriads of Tumblrs threatening to defect in protest against this corporate take-over.

Take heart, dear friends! Move on to greener pastures! With Vine, you can waste your time in 6-second increments, on the go! For the uninitiated, Vine is a mobile app, introduced in early 2013, that allows you to create and post video clips with a maximum length of 6 seconds. The clips can be shared on Twitter and Facebook, or embedded onto other sites.



If watching a bunch of 6-second videos sounds like a crazy bit of nonsense that’s not worth your time or energy, you’re only sort of wrong. Most user videos posted are horrible smash cuts of babies and dogs just sitting there…but isn’t that what most of the internet is anyway?

There are some really funny and interesting Vine users out there; reason enough to make Vine your next obsession.

Us! (That’s Automatic Improv, in case you are lost.)

Will Sasso (That guy from MADtv!)

Marlo Meekins (Cartoonist/Writer)

Steve Agee (That guy from The Sarah Silverman Program!)

Yell Design (Food Animation!)

Keelayjams (Who knows?! But I like it.)

Tyra Banks (Sure. Why not?)


Yes, and...

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