5 Reasons to Love Star Wars

Here at Automatic Improv we’re not just improv nerds, we’re nerd nerds too! That’s why we’re super excited to announce our 2nd Annual Star Wars Comedy Show! This Friday, May 3rd at 10:30pm, we’ll show you just how high our midi-chlorian count is… with a night of comedy inspired by The Star Wars Universe.  To get us in the Jedi mindset, let’s discuss 5 reasons why we love this particular space opera.

5. We’re On Board with Disney

When we first learned that the Mouse would be taking the reins from George, we were absolutely not cool with it. But, only Sith deal in absolutes. Anger, fear, aggression…the dark side are they. Since the filming of this sketch, we’ve learned to quiet our minds, and let JJ speak to us.

4.  Star Words

Star Wars fans speak their own language. If you didn’t know that the gold standard for the Kessel Run is less than 12 parsecs, then you are just a dirty nerf herder.

Also, silly words are fun to say. Like “Wookiee!” Try it.

kevjedi5 Things in Star Wars – Vine Video

3.  Dragon*Con

Obviously, Dragon*Con is much more than Star Wars. That said, the largest sci-fi and fantasy convention in the world wouldn’t be the same without the Star Wars contingent!

2.  Lightsabers

Yup. Lightsabers.


1.  Our Star Wars Comedy Show!

Our Star Wars show is going to be hotter than a volcanic planet in the Mustafar system in the Outer Rim, y’all!

Wear your Star Wars gear and come on out to Fabrefaction Theatre this Friday May 3rd at 10:30pm to see Star Wars- themed improv games and have some drinks at our cantina. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE…

We’ll be joined by some of the most amazing Star Wars cosplayers in Atlanta! Pose for a pic with them (or take a selfie with a Gungan face), and then listen to them share their unique stories to inspire our comedy scenes!

Shana Melton will be there to Ewok it out…will you? See you Friday!

Ewok on the Wild Side. Courtesy Tobias Roybal

Ewok on the Wild Side. Courtesy Tobias Roybal


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