Urban Dictionary Defines Automatic Improv… Nails It!

We’ve all heard phrases like “Needs more Andy,”  “I just pulled a Whittney,” and “That dude is a huge Keith.” But are you using them correctly? Probably not. That’s where the Internet comes in! We’ve turned to the experts at Urban Dictionary for eerily accurate descriptions of the Automatic Improv cast.

Urban Dictionary definition of Amy

We’re pretty sure Amy Farley submitted this definition herself.

Urban Dictionary definition of Andy

Couple his love of D&D with his love of Ouija boards, and Andy Coen has ensured that no attractive woman will enter his life. Being a bachelor is “the best.”

Bill Urban Dictionary Definition

Bill Worley is widely known as the toughest gangsta’ to ever come out of Woodstock, GA. Also, the only gangsta’ to ever come out of Woodstock, GA.

Jan defined by Urban Dictionary

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s not get carried away. Jan’s clearly a heartbreaker. Also, he’s a dude.

John gets defined by Urban Dictionary

We’ve never had a conversation with John Mangan where we didn’t laugh, cry, and kiss him at least once.

Keith Urban Dictionary Definition

If you ever need someone to fight a grizzly bear in a truckstop bathroom, Keith Hooker is the man to call.

Kelly defined by Urban Dictionary

Kelly Thomas is neither Irish nor Canadian, but still pretty fucking sweet.


15,939 people can’t be wrong! Don’t believe them? Just smell Kevin Barry the next time you see him. You’ll understand.


There’s cray, there’s cray-cray, and then there’s Lauren Rosie. Cray in the best way.


Randall Reed’s bringing Randall back.


It’s like they say, “Inside every strong black man is a dumb blonde kid just waiting to get out.”


Robert Bolyard has turned down more proposals than Princess Jasmine. Robert’s husband is a lucky man.


If you combine the Scottish and Hebrew definitions, you get Ronnie Johnson-Lopez: the King of Joy!


For the love of God, no one show Sarah Simmons Turner this post.


This definition is a whittney. Proof that there are at least 26 idiots on the Internet. At least.

-Automatic Improv


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