Q&A – Kelly Thomas on Improv, Music and Cats!

Everything you wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask about Automatic Improv’s most well-traveled member. Meet the fabulous Kelly Thomas. Sh-boom!!

Kelly Thomas Automatic ImprovName: Kelly Thomas

Gender: Female

Age: 29 (oof)

Species: Super human!

Hometown: Kingwood, TX

Favorite improv game? Questions Only? Have you ever seen it? Isn’t it the greatest? Can every scene just be that game? Would anyone like it but me and Andrew? Would I care if anybody else liked it?

What’s your pre-show routine? Teach children all day, go home and sit on the couch, realize I’m too exhausted to leave the house again, remember how much I love doing improv, pull it together, get to the theater about 5 minutes after I was supposed to be there. Oh, and then the group usually warms up together. That’s probably more what you meant.

What makes you laugh? Awkward silences.

What makes you cry? Ugh, anything with children and family emotional drama. And every episode of Parenthood ever.

What’s your theme song? Dare to dream- I’d like it to be “Love is All Around”- the greatest theme song for the greatest television show ever starring my personal comedy hero.

Kelly Thomas Musical Improviser

What’s your team? Clearly we’ve never met, improv survey. I hate teams.

Favorite fictional character? I’m such a girl and I just debated between: Elizabeth from “Pride and Prejudice,” Jane from “Jane Eyre,” and Jo from “Little Women.”

Where are you on the D&D alignment chart? I just googled “D&D alignment chart” to find out what that is and now I’m just hoping that it doesn’t affect my gmail ad preferences with its nerdy lameness.

If you were a professional wrestler, what would your ring name be and why? What? Why? That could never be a thing.

What’s your biggest pet peeve? WHEN PEOPLE CALL AND DO NOT LEAVE A VOICEMAIL!!

How many countries have you been to and who’s counting?
I’ve just returned from my 67th country (Luxembourg!) but the only people really counting are me, my aunt, and The Travelers’ Century Club (which, apparently, my aunt did not make up). Also, since you’re not asking, I’ve been to all seven continents and celebrated my fifth Antarcticaversary on February 19th!

Are you a cat person or a dog person? I’m such a cat person that all of my cats’ initials have been C.A.T.

Checkers the Cat wearing an Olympic medal

First concert? If you don’t count classical concerts, the first concert I ever went to with friends was the DREAM TEAM pairing of: Third Eye Blind, Vertical Horizon, and Nine Days (I have listed them in the order I was most excited to see them in from least to most.) If you count the first non-classical concert that I went to with anyone? My mom and I saw Bette Midler and it was as great as you could ever imagine it could be.

What did you want to be when you grew up? A music teacher!

What’s your dream job now? A music teacher! Or one of Adele’s backup singers.

Drug of choice? Diet Pepsi!

What do you do when you’re not improvising? Teaching, musicking, EdD-ing.


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