Atlanta OKs New Stadium for Automatic Improv

The Atlanta City Council voted Friday night to approve funding for a new stadium for local comedy group Automatic Improv.

The council voted 11-4 to approve the construction of the new $4 billion facility. The venue promises to be twice as large as the proposed Falcons stadium, featuring heated seats and no fewer than three retractable roofs.

“Building the nation’s first comedy stadium will not only create jobs, but also put Atlanta on the map as a world-class entertainment destination,” said Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed as part of an official statement after the meeting. “Suck it, Vegas!”


News of the stadium has received an overwhelmingly positive response. “Give the people what they want,” said Automatic Improv member Kelly Thomas. “Such great news. My best work happens when I’m on a jumbotron,” said John Mangan. “Playing in our own stadium is going to be a blasty, #rager,” Whittney Millsap added.

“We’ll do everything we can to keep Automatic in Atlanta. It’s a very big deal,” Reed added. “Have you seen these guys? They’re hilarious.”

“We’re grateful for the council’s vote of support today. I mean, they ‘yes anded’ the shit out us,” Managing Director Bill Worley said. “Just imagine the suggestions we’ll get!”

Officials hope to build the stadium in time for the 2017 improv season. A ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring Tina Fey and a comically over-sized pair of scissors is already in the works.

Until then, you can see Automatic Improv perform every FRIDAY at 10:30 at Fabrefaction Theatre. BUY TICKETS

-Kevin Barry


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