Automatic & Keltic Kudzu: The Re-Patrick-ation of Atlanta!


So another St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, leaving you unfulfilled.

Perhaps you drank a bit too much…


…partied too hard…


…or even fouled your municipal water supply with green dye #4.


Well that doesn’t have to be the end of the story!  What about the ancient roots of Celtic culture — the common legacy of the Irish and Scottish civilizations?  “Why can’t I see more of the authentic Celtic experience in my popular entertainment?” you might ask yourself.  And: “When will somebody couple the homespun charm of Celtic folk music with the even homespun-nier charm of improvisational comedy?”

If you’re asking those questions — and we’re pretty sure you are — we have an answer.  This Friday at 8pm, Automatic Improv joins forces with Keltic Kudzu to present a super-special partner show!


Automatic Improv Cast

There will be Improv Comedy, lively Celtic music and improvisation-incorporating-Celtic-music in a fast-moving show for all ages. For more information check out our event page.

Friday March 29th, 8pm at Fabrefaction Theatre, 999 Brady Ave NW  Atlanta, GA 30318

Time to shake off that post-SPD funk with Keltic Kudzu and Automatic Improv!



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