All Green Everything: A Drinking Game for Saint Patrick’s Day

Last year, we brought you this sketch about a St. Paddy’s Day drinking game gone awry. Enjoy it again, or for the first time!

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us once again. On St. Patrick’s Day, everybody is Irish! “Being Irish” in this case means wearing only the Kelly-est of greens, consuming all beverages in “bomb” form, and, of course, public urination citations. If you are planning on going out and getting all Irish all over everybody’s ass this weekend, here’s a little drinking game to help you pass the time in between drunken texts your ex:

Tell a friend how great they are – take a drink

Tell yourself how great you are – take a drink

Your buddy Sully finally shows up – shots!

Sully brought his friend, Fitz. This guy is totally crazy! – shots!


Realize you should probably eat something, but don’t – CAR BOMB

Is that dude over there looking at you funny?- finish your beer

Yeah, he definitely is looking at you funny – chug another beer

“You got a problem, dude?” – take a drink

“Yeah, I got a problem. What are you going to do about it?” – take a drink

“Come at me, bro!” – drop your beer

See the leprechaun – Say yeeeeeah!

– John Mangan

drinking game


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