Mark Madness 2013

Get your brackets ready! It’s time for the annual tournament we’ve all been waiting for: Mark Madness! Sixteen different Marks from TV, film, music and pop culture will compete for the title of National Champion. Can No. 1 seed Mark Wahlberg clinch the title, or will underdog Mark McGrath pull off a Cinderella story? No one knows who will come out on top, but one thing’s for sure: his name will be Mark (or possibly Marc).

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Mark Madness Tournament Bracket 2013

Scouting report and early predictions for Mark Madness 2013:

Mark Wahlberg:
Mark Wahlberg picture

Wahlberg is the clear favorite in this year’s tournament. He’s a household name with box office drawing power. He’s the Mark to beat.

Mark Ruffalo:
Mark Ruffalo picture

This guy’s got upset written all over him. The Hulk could be a real bracket buster. Keep an eye on him.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar:
Mark-Paul Gosselaar picture

With his hyphenated first name, Gosselaar barely qualified for Mark Madness. That said, his well-coiffed hair is poised for a successful run during this year’s tournament.

Mark Mothersbaugh:


His off-beat sensibilities could really whip the competition. Whip it good.

Marc Maron:

Marc Maron WTF

Maron has strong offensive abilities that often make his opponents wonder, “WTF?”

Mark Zuckerberg:

Mark Zuckerberg

With hundreds of millions of friends, Zuckerberg has quite the social network behind him. He’s a favorite from the Pop Culture division.

-Kevin Barry


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