Automatic’s Future

Thank you for your amazing support and passion this last week. It’s truly heartwarming to see we have such great friends out there.

For those that are unaware, the extraordinary Relapse Theatre, our improv home for the last 4 years, closed its doors last week.


There have been a lot of questions from our friends and family about what’s next for Automatic Improv, so we wanted to let you all know how we are moving forward. We are currently in the process of finding new venues for our shows and a permanent new home for our improv education program to grow fresh organic Atlanta improvisers. We’ve received an enormous outpouring of support from other theaters and Atlanta’s improv community, and are holding meetings and finding the best fit for us. To support our future plans, just keep an eye out as we’ll be playing in new, exciting, adventurous locations around town. For example, this Saturday December 22nd we’re splitting the bill with Post Modern Collapse Sketch group at 7 stages, Sketch at 8:00pm, Automatic at 10:30pm ($10 gets you into both!). Air Calvary! Air mobile!

Image For years Relapse was our home away from home (or TRUE home to some of us). Bob Wood founded a theatre that nurtured us, and he created a community of comedians that is permanent. He helped Automatic grow from performing to empty seats on Tuesdays, to Friday shows for the best audiences in the known universe.

Image Relapse theatre was founded on an idea, a rebellious idea championed and heralded by its impassioned fearless leader Bob Wood. Bob believed that if you’re just nice to people, if you’re not a dick, and you don’t bully others, that you will create a community of loving supportive people where everyone can be open to truly express themselves and trust each other. This attitude and belief caught and spread like wildfire throughout everyone who ever performed at or visited Relapse.

ImageRelapse is more than just the old church building at 380 14th street, and whatever the future of that location is, Bob’s dream and vision of be nice to people (aka, “don’t be a dick”) will continue to live on in the community of comedians who were nurtured, sharpened, and discovered their passions there. If all of us continue to reach out and encourage new performers and artists anywhere we perform, we spread the love to new generations of performers, and as a result the love and idea of Relapse, and the dreams of Bob Wood, will never die.

We at Automatic Improv will bring that spirit and love with us wherever we are so lucky to perform or teach. No matter what, the dream will live on. We hope that all of you will share it too, whether you are on a stage, in a cubicle, or with a stranger in a check out line. It’s simple….just don’t be a dick.


Automatic Improv



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