How to make a Comedy Clusterf@#k

Most anybody can make comedy. But it takes some careful chemistry and just-so conditions to make a Comedy Clusterf@#k.  Here’s how we make ours:


Step 1:

First, you need the right setting. Ideally, it should be a bar that’s located underneath another bar. Luckily, we’ve found such a space in the Virginia Highlands: The 10 High Club. It’s the live music venue located beneath the Dark Horse Tavern. 10 High is known as the home of Metalsome live band karaoke; which is perfect because Comedy Clusterf@#ks tend to be very metal.

Step 2:

Combine ingredients

Bring Automatic Improv to a rolling boil

¡Aye, Mi Estomago!

Sprinkle liberally with Improv Road Show and simmer

“That” Guy

Garnish with Salon du Shoguns

Ill-suited for being in public

Step 3:

Comedy Clusterf@#ks are meant to be consumed with alcohol. Show the 10 High bar some love and come thirsty! Studies have shown that imbibing alcohol (responsibly, of course) not only prepares the brain for the unruly brand of comedy about to be seen, but heightens its effect.

The show will start off like your typical improv show, full of belly laughs and fast paced games. Very quickly it turns into something else entirely, as all 3 comedy teams will be mixed and matched so that everyone’s on tilt!

We cook up this unusual and surprising blend of comedy once a month. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay current.

Sample our next batch Wednesday, 11/28. Doors open at 8:30 and the madness begins at 9:00!

– John Mangan


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