Thank you…

Happy Turkey day!

Not fowl.

Why do we celebrate this country?

Okay, okay, all kidding aside: we’re not gonna mess around here. Thank you all for being such awesome fans and supporters of Automatic Improv. It means the world to us.

No, really, it does.

Now, as you’re digesting vast amounts of turkey and finally coming up with a well-thought-out rebuttal to your uncles‘ ridiculous theories while watching some pretty awful commercials/football, we thought we’d give you our spin on the holiday.

For most of us, improv has had a huge effect on the way we live our lives. That makes us… especially thankful. A few of us thought we’d share a bit, so here we go!

Bill Worley I’m thankful for improv giving me the opportunity to become a 1920’s detective onstage, trying to figure out with my partner where all these damn dead bodies came from.

Keith Hooker I’m grateful for my three families: The one I was born into, the one I built with my incredible wife and the circle of wonderful, creative people I met through improv

Amy Farley I’m thankful for the sheer luck by which I signed up for improv classes with a group I’d never heard of before, and in the process, found both something I’m passionate about and a group of incredible friends.

Lauren Rosie I’m thankful for each awkward moment that a co-worker finds out I do improv, and they ask me to “do improv”.

Sarah Simmons Turner The family I was born into (who I’m very grateful for) has fractioned over the past few years. It’s been a very trying time, that I wouldn’t have made it through sanely without Improv & Automatic Improv. I’m thankful for what we’ve built together; my chosen Family.

John Mangan  I’m thankful that I found a bunch of people who are as interested in making fools of themselves in front of strangers as I am. Also, “Homeland.”

Ronnie Johnson-Lopez I am thankful for being able to play pretend like I am a kid again. Pretend is way better now because when someone gets shot It doesn’t turn into a five minute argument about whether or not they actually got hit and died.

Kevin Barry This year, I’m thankful for my friends for keeping me honest, my family for family for keeping me well fed, and the city of Chicago for living up to the hype! Oh, and also improv or something…

Jan Lefrancois-Gijzen I’m thankful I can say whatever I want, and the people around me will have to accept it. And no, I am not a corporate CEO or third-world dictator. I’m an improviser.

Kelly Thomas I am thankful that Automatic Improv gives me the chance to play wacky games with my friends on a regular basis. I am thankful that improv in general occasionally gives me an ‘out’ for saying the first thing that pops into my head!

Thanks again, everybody! And a happy New Year! Or whatever.


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