Help Us Innovate!

TED Talks and BS Walks

Here at Automatic Improv, we make it our business to be on the bleeding edge of comedic technology. We’re always striving to blaze new trails, break new ground, and innovate new, er….innovations.  Our latest improv innovation requires some assistance from you, dear reader!

Our newest improv game (debuted at our show last Friday) was created by our own Kevin Barry, and is inspired by TED Talks. If you’ve heard of the TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) Conferences, then you’re probably familiar with the “Talks”; brief presentations about fresh, new ideas accompanied by a slideshow meant to illuminate the speaker’s points. Past presenters have included big shots like Bill Clinton, Malcolm Gladwell, and Bill Gates. For example, here’s one given by a guy whose job is to watch YouTube:

Our new improv game is called “TIM Talks”. You, the audience member, give us a topic, any topic at all, and one of us will improvise a presentation, highlighting exciting, new ideas or developments related to that topic. To “help” the presenter, a slideshow (similar to a PowerPoint presentation) will accompany him or her. The thing is, the presenter has no idea what is going to show up on that slideshow. It could be anything; a random pie chart, an out-of-context quote, a completely inaccurate stat, or even a picture of a kitten riding a dog like a pony. Whatever turns up on the screen, the presenter has to justify it and incorporate it somehow into the presentation.

Exciting Innovations in Cat/Dog Relationships

This is where you come in! We need your input for the random pictures, factoids, quotes, and statistics that will appear in the presentations. Try your best to baffle us! If we use your ideas, you could win free tickets to our show! Post your ideas to our Facebook or Twitter with the tag “#TIMTalks” and we’ll use them in our Friday night (8pm at Relapse Theatre in Midtown Atlanta) shows!

Silly presentations to start off your weekend? Now that’s an idea worth spreading!

– John Mangan


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