The Expert; Brad Kloth M.D.

“Sure I know how to shoot that rifle; I’ve done it a thousand times.”
“Bake cookies? I published a book on it last year!”
“Yay! Heroin! Let me take my belt-off so I can tie off my arm.”

It’s an Improv rule; BE AN EXPERT. Being an Expert in a scene is more entertaining to watch and progresses the scene forward. Plus, it lets the Improvisor be more creative. For instance, in a scene an Improvisor could come across an injured dog and save its life by using their bubble-gum to close-up the wounds. You don’t have to actually know how to do everything; you just have to do everything confidently and purposefully.

If someone dedicates time to studying and performing Improv this “expert” mentality will bleed over into their everyday life. Sometimes it puts Improvisors in compromising situations; “Let’s save some money, I’ll groom fluffy.” 

Other times it has them saying “Let me tie-off the umbilical cord with my shoe-lace.”

On behalf of Automatic Improv I would like to congratulate my friend & Ground Control cast-mate; Brad Kloth and his wife, Meredith. On September 23rd at 6:19AM Brad delivered his second daughter (Marlowe) on his kitchen floor; with a little help from a 911 operator. He’s not a Doctor but I bet the hundreds of times he’s played a Doctor on stage really set him up for success. Mother and Baby are both doing great! Congrats!

I write Blogs for a living, swear — Sarah Simmons Turner


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