The stars are out lately, and they’re shining brighter than ever these days thanks to a hot new trend– casual chic. 

Kim Kardashian Automatic Improv

Kim Kardashian shops in an Automatic Improv t-shirt.

Kim Kardashian may have her hands full with a fashion line of her own (shared with sisters Khloe and Kourtney, natch), but when it’s time to dress down and suit up for a long day of shopping, she dons none other than her tried and true Automatic Improv white T. The simplicity of this comfy t-shirt makes trying on couture a snap!

Jon Hamm Automatic Improv

Jon Hamm runs errands in an Automatic Improv t-shirt.

Entrepreneur Kim isn’t the only celeb rockin’ the Automatic Improv T these days. Spotted recently: everyone’s favorite Mad Man Jon Hamm. The actor stepped out of Don Draper’s stylish suits and into a classic jeans-and-t-shirt look for a casual weekend tooling around town.

Everyone’s best Friend Jennifer Aniston joined Kim and Jon’s exclusive Automatic Improv t-shirt club when she flaunted the look on the set of her new romantic comedy. On screen or off, Jen’s sure to break a few hearts with her girl-next-door look. 

Jennifer Aniston Automatic Improv

Jennifer Aniston looks casual-chic in an Automatic Improv shirt.

Rounding out this week in trends is Justin Bieber, who was spied recently sporting– you guessed it– a crisp, white Automatic Improv T with a fashionable jacket and sweet shades. The 18-year-old’s effortless cool is compounded by his laid-back wardrobe choices as well as his perfectly-coiffed hair.

Want to rock the look without breaking the bank? You can get your own Automatic Improv t-shirt for a steal! The wallet-friendly price of $15 gets you a T of your own, in electric blue. Just shoot an email to to place your order. 

Justin Bieber Automatic Improv

Justin Bieber looks cool in his Automatic Improv T and jacket.

The casual-yet-cool Automatic Improv t-shirt trend has swept through LA and New York like wildfire. Next stop: Atlanta? The eponymous improv group can be spotted performing on Relapse Theatre’s stage every Friday night at 8 p.m. Stop by and catch a show, and maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of a celeb or two.

Can’t wait ‘til the next Friday show to get your Automatic Improv fix? “Like” the Automatic Improv Facebook page to stay on top of all the latest fashions! Who knows– next week may bring a bevy of celebs sporting their Automatic Improv t-shirts in electric blue, and you can say you were on board with the trend from day one!


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