Like Us Maybe

How do you rate yourself? Are you a successful person? What measure do you use to judge your own success?

For me, like so many others, I judge myself based on the number of people that like what I’m doing. This is how we choose presidents, after all.

I know if I have said the right thing when I see people nodding and smiling. I know if I am wearing the right thing when people say, “You look pretty today, Kelly.” I know if I am driving correctly when people honk and cheer in their cars as I drive past.

For Automatic Improv, we know if we’re doing a good job by people “liking” us on Facebook. It’s the deepest and truest way to evaluate success in society today. Please like us right now! We already like you and I think you are always saying the right things, wearing the right things, and are an awesome driver.

If you need more convincing, please enjoy this cheesy pop song and maybe even share it with other people that could like us and contribute to improving our self-worth.

Hope you like us!


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