600 Facebook Likes

As of press time, Automatic Improv’s Facebook page has 510 “likes.”

While we are thrilled (not to mention grateful) to have been liked this many times, 510 “likes” isn’t cool. You know what’s cool?


This mythical, seemingly unattainable number of likes has long cried out like an alluring siren song to every man & woman with an internet connection, a valid email address, and a dream. The pursuit of 600 has inspired many and scorned far more.

“Once you’ve reached 600 Facebook likes,” as an old saying probably goes, “you’ve really got something.”

So here Automatic Improv sits, 90 likes away from history…and destiny. Can we get there? Maybe. Certainly, not without your help!

This blog post officially kicks off our “Road to 600” campaign. If you don’t already like our page, please do so! Tell a friend. Tell lots of friends.

To be clear: this is not a plea for a charity like. On the contrary, we want to earn it. By liking Automatic Improv’s Facebook page, your newsfeed becomes a front row seat for catching our newest sketch comedy videos, information on our improv classes (best value in Atlanta!), and special appearances, events, and discounts.

Throughout our “Road to 600” campaign, our Facebook page will feature contests with opportunities for fans new and old to win great prizes like t-shirts, show tickets, and much more. When we do eventually get to 600…we will have a comedy party to end all comedy parties, as a thank you to our valued likers.

What ‘600 Facebook Likes’ Means to Us

The storied “600 likes” plateau means very much to me personally. Like all of you, I’ve been infatuated with the big six oh oh since I was a kid. 600 was the number on my little league jersey. 600 was the exact amount of pogs I owned. 600 was the number of times I would flick the light switch on and off before bed each night, so that my family didn’t die while I slept.

Obsessive? Perhaps. Compulsive? Possibly. But what the naysayers call “an unhealthy obsession with a completely arbitrary number,” I call “determination.”

Of course, My Automatic Improv brothers and sisters share in my fascination. Here is what 600 likes means to some of them:

Bill Worley-

Automatic improv getting 600 likes on the book of faces is the equivalent of human beings landing on the moon. It will be, unarguably, the most important moment of the 21st century. 

Kelly Thomas-

I am currently in Greece on my bizarre quest to visit 100 countries so, yes, I think it is important to set an arbitrary numerical goal and then try to achieve it. I’m only at 55 countries and it seems to me that 600 Facebook “likes” is easily attainable and will be another pointless thing I brag about to no one/everyone.
-Be back when I’m over 60 countries!

Jan Lefrancois-Gijzen-

When I was in middle school, we had to read a minimum number of minutes per semester. If you exceeded those minutes, you got rewards! When I reached 600 minutes, I won an ice cream voucher for lunch. 600 = Klondike Bar.

Amy Farley-

I don’t want to overstate it, but literally my entire self-worth is based on getting to 600.

Thanks for reading…and for liking!

– John

600 > 300

600 > ‘300’


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