The end of May brings a lot of things with it: white pants, barbecues, and the faint smell of suntan lotion. It also celebrates the hard work of students as they graduate from high school, college, and . . .


That’s right, folks. Bust out your mortarboard, tassel, and kleenex. Automatic Improv is graduating another round of level one students this Tuesday, May 29th! Their ceremony is open to all friends and family members who have helped them through this academically rewarding period. It’s also open to anyone who likes laughing or enjoys shouting out suggestions for locations that can fit on the Relapse University stage.

Help us celebrate their amazing accomplishment at 8pm at Relapse Theatre. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get inspired and start your own round of improv classes. It’s way more fun than a GED! Another session is starting soon and you can get all the info at Relapse University.

Check out some pictures from our Level 3 Graduation Show from last week and be there this week to cheer on the newest batch of graduates!

Level one’s proud teacher!


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