SweetWater 420 Fest!

Feeling low on comedy, music, or fun? Need a festival fix, stat? We have the solution!

Automatic Improv will be coming to you live from the SweetWater 420 Fest this Friday (4/20, duh.) at 5:40pm. In fact, the Relapse 420 Comedy Tent will keep you laughing all weekend long with performers from all over the city. If you need more than comedy, there will be bands on multiple stages for three days straight. There’s even an on-going cornhole tournament. (I avoid anything that shows how badly I perceive distances, but I hear people actually like this thing.)

Oh, and Sweetwater makes beer, right? You get in free to the festival and a wristband for responsible beer drinking is only $5.

I’ve put in a special call for perfect weather because nothing beats an outdoor Atlanta festival. Find more information at their website: http://sweetwater420fest.com/

Join us Friday night and all weekend long!



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