You know you do improv when. . .

. . . You are confused when someone tells you “no.”
. . . You want information but try to phrase it without actually asking a question.
. . . You start every day from a blackout.
. . . You use various accents throughout the day because it “just felt right.”
. . . You try to “wave” an awkward real life situation. Or simply call out “And . . . scene!”
. . . You are afraid of real stores because you don’t actually know the girl behind the counter and you’re just using her for a transaction.
. . . You’re really good at miming mopping even though you haven’t actually mopped a floor in years.
. . . You try not to laugh at things in real life because it breaks your character.
. . . You laugh at something in real life because you totally just did that in an improv scene.

If you have suffered from any of these symptoms (or think they sound kinda fun!), come see us Friday at Relapse at 8pm or join us for our new round of level one classes. We’re starting a new session next Monday!

Annnnnnnnnnd, scene!


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