Treat. Yo. Self.

Who knows you like you do? Who’s always looking out for you? Who can turn your world on with a smile?

It’s not me. That’s not where this is going. It’s you!

That’s right, folks. Automatic’s weekly blog is reminding you to do something nice for yourself. Or, as Kit (the hooker with a heart of gold) says to Vivian (the other hooker with the real heart of gold) in the Oscar-nominated motion picture Pretty Woman, “take care of you.”

In case you’re not so good at taking care of your own self, I have compiled a helpful list. They are in no particular order:

Take a bubble bath.
Get a massage.
Call a friend for no reason.
Eat ice cream and don’t let yourself feel bad about it.
Let someone else do something for you.
Watch an entire TV series on DVD.
Learn something new.
Look at old photos of yourself. (I promise you look better now but don’t look as bad as you remembered.)
Make someone tell you a joke.
Turn on the music you pretend you don’t really like.
Plan your next vacation.

If you don’t treat yourself well, who will?

Automatic Improv, on its very constant quest to help you improve your quality of life, is starting a new round of improv classes in the next few weeks and wants you to join. You’ll learn something new, you’ll make someone tell you a joke, and since I’m teaching the next level one, I vote we all go out for ice cream afterwards. If acting a fool and having fun while doing it for two hours isn’t treating yourself right, I don’t know what is. That, at least, is something I decided to do for myself a few years ago.

If this sounds like something nice that you totally deserve (and I promise you, you do), check out for more details. The next introduction to improv class starts Monday, April 16th. I plan on treating myself and making sure its a lot of fun!


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