Hostile Takeover Takes Over

This Friday is the second and final week of Automatic Improv’s March Madness Spectacular. Last week, four teams battled improv-bracket-style to become the number one champion of your hearts. This week, one team* stands poised to rule them all. That team, Hostile Takeover, will annihilate all other competition by filling the audience with more spontaneous laughter and joy than all the other teams combined.

Hostile Takeover is the brainchild of Keith Harry Hooker and Kelly Erin Thomas. It originated Sunday, March 18th, 2012, when Keith and Kelly’s names were randomly drawn for Automatic Improv’s show that coming Friday. Since its inception, Hostile Takeover has stopped at nothing to crush any opponent in its path. The comedy entity harnesses the power of co-opetition (the combination of co-operation and competition) and seamlessly merges it with their own special brand of synergy. Hostile Takeover also believes that buzzwords enhance the enjoyment of everyone involved.

Many people have wondered about the backstory behind Hostile Takeover. The group can best be understood as the merger of two improv power players.

Keith Hooker is the Chief Comedy Officer and Vice President, Funny Noises Division of Hostile Takeover. Keith has worked his way up from the bottom, joining the company twenty years ago as a Dirty Limerick Apprentice. Through his tutelage, the underlings of Hostile Takeover have continued to strive for their ultimate goal: becoming Keith Hooker.

Kelly Thomas is Chairman of the Board of Hostile Takeover. When Kelly became Chairman in March 2012, she launched an overarching growth strategy inspired by Hostile Takeover‘s Purpose—to ease and inspire lives, now and for generations to come. This strategy is focused on touching and improving more laughers’ lives, in more parts of the world, more completely.

Under Keith and Kelly’s leadership, Hostile Takeover has grown laughter by an average of nearly eighteen percent per year over the past week; core earnings per share an average of nearly forty-two percent; and adjusted free funny flow 106%. Hostile Takeover has delivered these results despite presidential primary elections.

The true goal of Hostile Takeover this quarter is to make you laugh this Friday, March 23rd, at 8pm at Relapse Theatre. Do not miss your chance to experience the improv behind the rhetoric. Come dressed in the color salmon (Hostile Takeover‘s team color) and earn 50% off your admission price. You will also be entered in the week’s raffle for free beer at the bar.

Everything about this situation is a win-win.

Yours for the taking over-

*Yes, the writer of this blog is shamelessly plugging her own team. See if she is right about her team’s awesomeness or is completely full of herself at the show.


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