March Madness!

Automatic Improv has finally gone too far. They have reached a new level of crazytown. They have flown too close to the sun.

They have made me write a blog about sports.

That’s right, folks. Though not known for my athletic prowess, I am here to tell you about the madness of March that has swept over Relapse Theatre.  You might be thinking this involves basketball and brackets. (This kind and not [these] or this kind.) I initially thought this just meant CBS would be showing horrible programming for the next few weeks. I realize now, however, that March Madness means:


For the next two Fridays– March 16th and 23rd– there will be teams of funny competing bracket-style to become the ultimate champion of your laughter. There will be hosts and color commentators to make sure you don’t miss one second of the action. There will even be door prizes (beer at the bar!) and a raffle drawing for audience members who just plain ol’ show up. If you show up both weeks, you could win tickets to future shows, an Automatic t-shirt, and a gift certificate to use at the Relapse Bar!

As if that weren’t enough, you can have your photo taken with your favorite team after the show. Oh, did I mention that if you come dressed in your team’s colors, you get half off your ticket price?

Is this a competition where EVERYONE wins? I think it is.

Stay tuned to our facebook page all this week to see who the teams are and who you’re going to support. They can be your top seed. You can wear their team jersey and hope for a shut-out. Your cheers can be the difference between a fumble and a free throw. (Yes, I just looked up several sports terms. I hope I used them correctly.) Whatever, just show up on Friday at 8pm to cheer on Automatic Improv!

Yours in winning,


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