New for 2012! (Yeah, I know it’s already March.)

Sometimes I try to live my life like I’m in an improv scene. (Don’t worry, Mom, I don’t say ‘yes’ to everything.) Specifically, if I find myself talking about doing something for a long time, I try to just do it. Improv audiences don’t want to see you talk about playing golf, they want to see you playing golf. So, I’ve decided to stop talking about updating the Automatic blog and actually just do it. I mean, isn’t this the very same blog that pledged to post every Wednesday? Yes, yes it is. And it is back with a vengeance. Or at least a temporarily firm commitment to bettering its blogginess.

Perhaps the true upside to being gone for so long is that now there is so much to say!

The beginning of 2012 brought a new venue for Automatic Improv and Relapse Theatre. In addition to our regular Tuesdays and Fridays at 8pm at Relapse, you can also catch us on Saturday nights at 8pm at Atlantic Station! We are in the old Geisha House location- right at Parking Area 1 and (more importantly) the ice cream store! There is no liquor license yet but you can eat and drink at the many restaurants nearby before or after the show! It is a fantastic new spot and we are very excited to be playing there.

In addition to a new place to play, we’ve added a bunch of musical games to our repertoire. This is specifically thanks to our new band “As Per Usual.” If you thought we were funny before, wait until you hear us sing!

Finally, 2012 has brought a commitment from Automatic Improv to provide you with laughy fun time sketches at least once a month. Friend “Automatic Improv” on facebook or check out our website for the latest sketch hilarity. You can also find future sketches here! At our blog! Which I am totally going to update once a week! Promise promise!

If nothing else, check back here next Wednesday (evening, please) and see if I kept my promise. You totally have my permission to fuss at me. (Don’t worry, Mom, I know it’ll just be you.)


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