Black Box Comedy Festival!

Have you been missing Automatic Improv shows because of any of the following issues?

  • Fridays you like to stay home with a bowl of ice cream and your tivo-ed episodes of ‘Glee’. Thursdays you like to par-tay!
  • You refuse to go anywhere in Atlanta that isn’t on the Georgia Tech campus.
  • Improv, in your opinion, is best when in festival form.
  • After breaking up with several people because of the seven-year itch, you can not support any organization that is not in at least its eighth year.
  • You often think, “Why should I see one improv troupe when I could see three at the same show?”

Boy, do I have the solution for you!!

The Black Box Comedy Festival is all this week on the Georgia Tech campus! It will be featuring improv groups from all over the country, including your very own Automatic Improv! We’ll be making the funny happen this Thursday at 8pm. For your admission, you will also get to see Dad’s Garage and Cineprov. Tickets are $10 or $5 for students. Or, you can check out our facebook page and find out how to get in for free!

Stick around for the 10pm show to see Revis and Zeiss, The Village Theatre, and Improv! The Musical. My goodness! This is a lot of comedy!

And, you’ll still be home for your tivo-ed ‘Glee’ on Friday! Unless you also come see us at our usual spot on Friday. Once you improv, you just can’t stop!



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