Let’s focus.

I think that this blog has lost its way. I’m not saying this because I haven’t posted in over a month (shhh, Kelly, don’t tell! No one noticed! Just don’t bring it up!). I’m saying this because we’ve started using this blog to talk about various events we’ve done, backstage rituals, and all-around random things. Wasn’t the point of this blog to shamelessly plug how wonderful Automatic Improv is?!

Where did we go so wrong?!

Let me redirect your attention to the glory that is Automatic Improv. I’ll be honest about us. We may not be the funniest improv troupe. We may not be the smartest, timeliest, cleanliest, or even the most attractive. I don’t even know if we’re the only group that does a regular Tuesday 8pm show in Atlanta. But gosh darnit, I do know that we are the most adorable improv troupe that you have ever seen or will ever hope to see. If anyone disagrees with this fact I dare you to come and say it to my adorable, smiling face.

That’s right. I said it. We are ah-dorable.

Don’t believe me? Let me give you the line-up.

In alphabetical order (the most adored of orders):
Andy. This kid is winning but approaches everything like he is an underdog and rejoices in making it through the day. The joy is infectious.
Barbara. Have you ever considered how adorable the roller derby is? You will when Barbara threatens to slam you against a wall but instead tells you some hilarious roller derby nicknames. She also will probably convince you to join and then loan you her knee pads. You will love every second of it.
Bill. He owns and operates this: Jan. He can be very serious about some very serious things. And he is seriously going to convince you that he is adorable. He will not take ‘no’ for an answer.
Keith. This man has babies and he loves them. Is there anything more adorable? No. You should be ashamed for thinking so.
Kelly. I occasionally write this blog that only my parents read. What wouldn’t I do for Michele and Lynn? What wouldn’t I do for you?
Kevin. His nickname is “KevBear”! It has “bear” in it! You could just squeeze him! Especially since he loves hugs!
Nick. Can you create magic out of thin air? Can you make 10 improvisers look good on stage using only lights and a sound board? Worship him. Adore him.
Rickey. He has cat-like reflexes. By that, I mean, he can take a catnap anywhere. If you see him napping and don’t just want to run right over there and cuddle, you have no soul.
Ronnie. When he smiles, the clouds part and birds begin to sing. Forget tomorrow. If Ronnie is around, the sun will come out today.
Sarah. After receiving a private college-prep school education, two bachelor degrees, and a lifetime of street smarts, she still says “punkin'” for pumpkin and “i-ren” for iron. You can never take the adorable out of this girl.

As if you needed further proof:

See? We are adorable. We are also the funniest, smartest, most punctual, cleanest, and most attractive group you will ever see. And we are certainly the most modest. Prove it to yourself this Friday at 8pm at Relapse Theatre.

Putting the “aww” in Automatic,


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