Back to School

Well, since I selfishly took the time to brag to the blogosphere about the beginning of my teacher summer, I should tell you it is ending. Yes, it’s true. Next week I will rejoin the “real world” full of “real people” who have to go to their “real jobs” everyday. It just sounds horrible.

In reality, though, I should come clean. I like school. I like learning. I like ‘teachable moments.’ I’m actually one of those super cheesy people that believes you are constantly learning even if you’re not in a classroom. Not everyone feels that way. Some people prefer the actual learning environment to learn something.

To you, I say, have you heard about Relapse University? Not only can you work with amazing people from Relapse (including, but not limited to some of your Automatic Improv favorites), but you can be in an actual classroom environment. (We are still working on getting that ‘fresh pencil’ smell.) While there, you will get to learn a completely new skill-set with a group of strangers sure to become your best friends.

The newest round of Automatic Improv classes is starting next week. You’ll feel really goofy, learn exciting games, and generally have a lot of fun. You’ll also learn how to better communicate with people, think on your feet, and stay cool under pressure. I can’t guarantee that an improv class will make your life better, but I do think it will make you more equipped to deal with it.

For the visual learners out there: 

For the kinesthetic learners: Come experience our show this Friday at 8pm at Relapse Theatre. Bring a teacher friend with you. This will be your last chance to hang out with them and not hear all those “cute” kid stories. Plus, sometimes teachers are fun.


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