Kiss me, I’m in an improv troupe.

All holidays are not created equal. April Fools’ Day lasts about 2 seconds plus however long it took you to plan the joke. Christmas has twelve days, Hanukkah has eight, and my birthday lasts an entire month. (October 13th- it’s never too early to start shopping)

Tomorrow is Bastille Day. Did you even know that? Have you bought a croissant for yourself to properly celebrate the storming of the Bastille and the highlight of the French Revolution? No. Or should I say, “non.”

Some holidays just do not get the credit that they truly deserve. To that end, Automatic Improv proudly brings you: July Patrick’s Day!

Why celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the middle of July? Let me count the ways:
1. Irish people have a good time. Been to a downer of an Irish party before? Non. It just doesn’t happen. Even the wakes have whiskey. Automatic Improv is also a good time. It’s a natural match.
2. Jigs. People love ’em. They love hearing them, they love dancing to them, they love using them in scrabble games. (I personally recommend the “J” on a triple letter space.) To help us get jiggy with it, Keltic Kudzu will be joining us before and after the show. These folks know how to have fun AND get you up and dancing.
3. I look great in green. They call it “Kelly Green” for a reason, people.
4. Oh, the drinking. Is it just me or are there a lot of Irish drinks? Relapse Theatre has a full bar. Come see how many Irish drinks you can get out of our bartender, Sean Decker. Isn’t “Sean” an Irish name? Coincidence? Non.
5. Good luck. Is there another culture of people considered to be as lucky as the Irish? When was the last time you wished someone the “luck of the Swedish”? Who has a shirt that says, “Kiss me, I’m Paraguayan”? What I’m saying is: come to our show and you will have good luck.

I am thoroughly ready to party like it’s the seventeenth of March. Grab your favorite lucky charm and meet us at Relapse Theatre this Friday, July 15th, for some good ol’ fashioned Irish laughing. The music starts around 7:15pm and the improv around 8pm. You’ll be feeling lucky the moment you arrive!


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