Automatic Improv: First Class

Yesterday was a momentous event for Automatic Improv and five very talented performers. Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 (Flag Day for those of you that are patriotically inclined) was the first performance from students of Automatic Improv classes.

Fittingly, there was an abundance of X-Men references. These guys were super heroes!! They brought in a packed house and I, at least, was glad the fire marshall wasn’t around. Not only did they bring the people in, but they made the people laugh.

Amanda, Jonathon, Kendal, Nick, and Randall performed like professionals. I would never have imagined that this was their very first time on-stage as improvisors. They gained confidence with every scene and were not afraid to make bold offers, play strong characters, and look a little goofy.

Some of my favorites from the night were Amanda and Kendal as walruses (walri?), the group’s venture into stand-up with “I Like My Women. . .”, and, obviously, the All-In dance competition. Jonathon might have won second place in the scene, but he definitely took first place in my heart.

The next step for these talented performers is Automatic’s Level 2 class starting next week. I think they have learned what we at Automatic already knew: being on stage and making people laugh is addicting and once you’ve done it, you have to go back for more. Stay tuned for their next performance and please let us make you laugh this Friday, 8pm, at Relapse Theatre!

P.S. (For Sarah) Sexy.


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