Let me preface this blog by saying I am THE BALLS of Automatic; mostly because I have little fear… on-stage or in real life. Sometimes this gets me in trouble, but most of the time it makes for great comedy. This blog is just for funsies; so without further ado…. it’s time to get SEXY with Automatic.

It’s summertime; cook-outs, pool-parties, outdoor concerts, the drive-in…. However, as performers we spend most of our summers inside, practicing & entertaining. Although once in a blue moon our skin sees the light of day. Here’s to summer & the hotness of Automatic Improv!

Day-drinking is my favorite summertime activity. Sloppy summer sexiness.

Andy donates his time & hotness, building homes for underprivileged artists. Sweaty sexy.

Barb + Metal + The ‘Hooch = Summer. Hardcore sexy.

As a Canadian Jan was deprived of Summer most of his childhood. Serious sexy.

Yup, just four of us. You would think between the 12 members of Automatic I could find more than 4 facebook swim-suit shots!
The truth is, you don’t have to be in a swim-suit or have a rock-hard bod, to be TOTALLY sexy. So, here’s the rest of Automatic showing off their sexy!

Dark, mysterious, and multicultural. Bill is single ladies.  Sexified.

You put a -CON after an event & Perry will be there… “Party-at-my-place-CON Perry?” Sexolicious.

Quick witted AND Healthy = SEXY!

Even wearing 7-layers of clothes, Kelly always has one-thing on her mind… CHECKERS! That’s her cat. Kelly IS super sexy. A woman who loves her cat, personally… very very sexy.

Nothing is hotter than a man who is good with children. Keith, SO sexy!

My big teddy bear Rickey; even my Mom couldn’t keep her hands off him! Most Moms can’t! Sexy sexy sexy MILF-magnet.

Nope, that’s not your dream-man from your favorite 80s movie. That is Ronnie Johnson-Lopez & if you think he’s cooler than cool in this picture; you should see him on stage. River Phoenix sexy!

Ladies, Nick would love for you to take advantage of his body one night. Look at those long legs! Sloppy sexy!

On top of being super sexy, we’re all super funny. So, come see us at an Automatic show soon!

Sexy… Sexy… Sexy…

I had to say it one more time…



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