Happy Summer!

This might seem shocking, but improv is not the primary profession amongst the members of Automatic Improv. We represent a wide range of the employed and unemployed, the old and young professionals, and the generally unprofessional people. I, thankfully, have just reached the best part of my job.

Summer Vacation.

That’s right, folks, I am a teacher who has just achieved the nirvana of teacher-dom. Two months off.

If you know a teacher, I am very sorry for you. We are truly awful to be around right now. I have been counting down to this very day for several weeks. For the past one week I have been saying things like “this time next week, I’ll be sleeping in”. At 3pm this very afternoon I called five different people in a row and had the exact same conversation:

Me: Hey, poor unsuspecting friend or family member!
Them: Hi Kelly!
Me: Whatcha doin’?
Them: Oh, not much, just finishing up some stuff at work.
Me:  Really? Aww, that sounds awful! I’m on VACATION!!
Them: (feigned enthusiasm)
Me: What are you doing tomorrow?
Them: (Starts to say something about work and hating their lot in life)
Me: (Interrupts) BECAUSE I’LL BE ON VACATION!!!!
Them: (low grumblings)
Me: Okay, well, I’ll let YOU get back to WORK!!! If you need me, I’ll be on VACATION!!!
Them:  Right. Got it.
Me: Byeeeee!!!
Them: (phone goes dead)

I’m not proud of it. I just really can’t help it. I feel the need to just spew my summer joy on everyone I see. I know they won’t really be as happy as I am. I realize some people just think it’s plain mean. I absolutely feel like people think I’m just doing it to be a jerk and yet, as I see people going about their regular lives, I think they should share in my excitement. I think they just need to know.

In a way, it’s exactly how I feel after a really fun improv show. I immediately want to tell people about it and re-live it. Even though they were right there, don’t care nearly as much as I do, or are just trying to get back to life without me shouting things at them. For example, at last night’s show, I could have heard Jan talk about the sanctity of trees in a forest for hours. I could watch Andy sit on a fake waterbed like he did at last Friday’s show for the rest of my life. Explaining these things to people, however, just doesn’t get the point across. You cannot possibly know and appreciate my joy unless you were there and it happened to you too.

Since I’m on vacation now (did I mention that? do you have to work during the summer? do you cry about it a little bit at night?), I plan on seeing a lot more improv shows and then discussing them with people right away. I have found that if you share the joy with other people that have the same joy, it goes over a little bit better. For example, if you are a teacher, you probably reflected while reading this about how awesome your life is right now. If you were at Tuesday or Friday’s show, you hopefully had a happy memory about Jan’s wisdom or Andy’s crazy legs.

If you generally need more joy in your life (shameless plug alert!!!), come to an Automatic Improv show and then discuss it with us afterwards. If I’m there, you’ll probably have to hear about how I’m on summer vacation, but other than that, it really is a fun time. If you anticipate the summer talk being too painful, chat up some of the other Automatic folk.  Most of them have to work all year long. Like, for the entirety of every season.  They maybe have one or two weeks off a year. Total. And if they take more, they don’t still get paid. It must be awful. I can’t even imagine. . .


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