AI meets GT

Last Thursday, Automatic Improv was invited to play at Georgia Tech as a part of their “Ramblin’ Nights” series put on by the Student Center Programs Council.  Let me just say that I don’t know if my school had similar programs, but if they did, I totally missed out!  That night there was a stand-up comedy show featuring several Tech students followed by our improv performance featuring such fantastical events as Nazi zombies with testicular cancer and me with Bill’s hands slapping Jan with Sarah’s hands.  And it was free and open to all!!  We typically charge people AT LEAST five dollars!  As if that wasn’t enough, following the show was cotton candy, popcorn, and a mechanical bull.

Yeah, I said “mechanical bull”.  This is my for-real-not-a-joke #1.

Now, I’ll just be honest.  There isn’t much I wouldn’t do for some cotton candy.  I’m a girl, so I prefer pink, but beggars can’t be choosers and I’ll take what I can get.  That night I had the extreme pleasure of enjoying my cotton candy while watching much stretchier (read: naïve) college students ride the bull and watching several students shoot pixie sticks.  This is my for-real-not-a-joke #2.  They were just shootin’ ‘em.  I hope these students then played Portal 2 until Saturday morning or re-split the atom while riding that bull, because it was intense.  Then again, I finished off several people’s cotton candy, so, who am I to judge?

Beyond the sheer sugar rush, I thought the greatest part of the night was seeing the Automatic crew on a college campus.  I instantly saw everyone’s college selves.  Or, at least, my imagined version of their college selves.  Andy played it very BMOC and pointed out various buildings as we walked in telling us why he had been there.  Keep in mind, Andy did not study at Georgia Tech.  He has, however, been many places.  I am still impressed.  Sarah was, as always, cooler and more together than the rest of us.  She does not need directions- she will find it. She will not only find it faster than you would, but she will look better doing it.  She was also the person who talked to half the crowd after the show and plugged the group.  I can only imagine this totally messed with these boys heads.  I hear the GT guy-girl ratio does not favor the dudes.

That random fact reminds me: Ian studied.  This is for-real-not-a-joke #3, people.  Ian looked up facts about Georgia Tech the day before, memorized them, printed them out, put them in a folder, and brought that folder in a briefcase to the gig.  He then spent a substantial portion of the night trying to insert these facts casually into conversation.  I believe at one point he shouted at the audience, “It’s like your school colors are Old Gold and White, amiright? Amiright?”  Yes, Ian, you are right.  I apologize to anyone that had to sit next to Ian in a class.

Some college selves won’t surprise you.  Everybody loved Rickey.  Does he go anywhere without people loving him?  Is there anyone he won’t hug?  I mean this sincerely.  I love him.  I want a hug.

Finally, Bill and Jan.  Did you know they went to UGA?  Did you know Tech is UGA’s biggest rival?  Did you know I heard about it all night?  I mean, come on, people.  You’re not at a football game.  You have graduated.  You are, technically, grown men now.  I found this to be completely ridiculous until yesterday when someone asked me a question about Boston College.  I went to Boston University and I informed them of this fact with scorn.  And then I mentally apologized to Bill and Jan for being so judgmental.  Needless to say, Bill and Jan are those loyal college friends that will still go tailgating with you if you call them up and ask.  Please call them.

As for me, well, I watched all of this while eating cotton candy and I know my college self would have enjoyed doing the same.  That is for real and not a joke.



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