The things we do for our friends

I joined Automatic Improv for a few not-so-major reasons:
1. I like improv.
2. They seemed fun.
3. I thought I should leave the house more.

Since joining, I’ve discovered that:
1. I really like improv.
2. They are super fun!
3. I’m really busy.

Recently, however, I also discovered that Automatic Improv can make dreams come true.  Not real dreams like “Cure cancer!” or “A job that doesn’t start until 10am!”, but the dreams that you think to yourself and don’t want to tell anyone because it’s a little embarrassing.  I’m talking, of course, about making a shameful pop music video.

You might have heard of a special lady named Rebecca Black who has become an internet sensation with the HIT (yeah, I called it a ‘hit’) “Friday”.  While you and all your little friends were laughing about how horrible the lyrics were or how her back-up dancers have the most intense braces you’ve seen since seventh grade, I was jammin’.

That’s right, I listened to that song on repeat.  For hours.  And the more I heard it, the more I thought, “Yes! I love Fridays and practicing my days of the week!”  And as I continued to listen to it, I thought, “How can I do this? Who do I know that could make this dream a reality?”

The obvious answer was Automatic Improv.  Automatic Improv is made up of talented people with a slightly skewed sense of how to spend their time.  (I mean this in the most loving way possible.)  If you tell them that you really want to do a cover of some song they all pretend to hate, they won’t laugh at you.  They’ll ask what day is best for you and then they’ll show up with cameras and microphones and plans for a fantastic slo-mo setting-up-the-theater sequence.  I couldn’t possibly love these people more and yes, they made my silly little dream come true.

Please enjoy the following as it is intended to be enjoyed: a silly self-indulgence that shamelessly plugs a fantastic group of people that just want to make you laugh.  If you have any dreams, let us know.  You can always find us after our improv shows.  We have shows on Tuesday and, of course, Friday.

Gotta catch my bus,


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