Love is in the Air

It’s that time ladies & gentlemen…. Another blog for you to subscribe to.  Only this one will be funny and full of people who love you for YOU. You don’t have to be funny, smart, or good looking. Put that make-up down, we think you’re beautiful just the way you are. You don’t have to shave your back either- we think it’s sexy. Automatic Improv will never hide you from our parents. We’ll hold your hand when we’re out together. We’ll even pick up the check, sometimes. You never have to be alone. On Wednesdays, anyway.

That’s right, we’ll have a fresh new blog post for you every Wednesday! That means you’ll have something to cling to while counting the hours to the weekend. Speaking of weekends, kick it off with laughs during our Friday, 8:00pm shows at Relapse Theater.

Did we mention we’ll make you laugh, too? Twice a week? That has to be some kind of record for you.

So, let’s review.

Mondays- Count down the hours until your Automatic fix.
Tuesdays- Catch a $5 dose of your favorite improv troupe at 8:00pm at Relapse.
Wednesdays- Quench your comedy thirst with a blog post.
Thursdays- Drown your sorrows in liquor and cocaine, since there is no Automatic show today.
Fridays- Come to Relapse early, have a drink at the bar to cure that hangover from last night, and get a huge motherfucking helping of hilarity. 8:00pm.

Speaking of Friday shows, we had our Spring break show last weekend.  Jan won the men’s wet T shirt contest. (His name is pronounced “Yahn.”. He’s French Canadian.) During intermission, in the greenroom, he approached the women in the show (me, Sarah and Perry)  and said with a shamed, disgusted look on his face, “Wet T shirt contests are so…. demeaning…” And then he shuddered. Welcome to being a girl, Jan. Welcome.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any video of that awesomeness, but you can check out our YouTube channel and see Bill naming all the other characters on stage “Frank.” I’ll just leave you with this little gem…

Se ya next week!



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