Automatic Improv Friday Night Relapse Debut!

What do you get when you combine:

  • The Grooving sounds of DJ collective Warm Art
  • The sexiest, hottest, most adorable group of Atlanta Improvisers
  • An 8:00pm prime time Friday Night Slot at Relapse Theater
  • A full bar and even cocktail waitresses
  • 2 halves for a total of an hour and a half of fun-filled mega laughs?

You get AUTOMATIC IMPROV’s Friday Night PREMIERE! (You probably guessed that by now, with the title and all).

It was awesome, we had a full house of newbies, friends and family and the show was top-notch. We’ve been working our asses advertising, facebooking and marketing for our group (HUGE credit: Sarah Simmons Turner), and all of our hard work kicking ass on Tuesday nights has paid off.

Bob Wood, the mother-fucking man/owner of Relapse/God Father to Atlanta Improvisers, saw our hard work and dedication and gave us a PRIME slot and said “DO IT!” We’ve worked for almost 2 years building Automatic into what it is today, and we’re proud to continue to build and build and build, until we come up with a better word by looking at a thesaurus under “build.”

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